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New Battery Products

The Battery Management System UBMS 1-4S

DYNAMIS-UBMS 1-4S Elektronikentwicklung

DYNAMIS has developed a universal battery management system (UBMS), specially equipped for the safe use of powerful batterie in demanding medical applications and based on the Texas Instruments BQ40Z50-R2 chipset. More ...

DYNAMIS LIX - The high performance Hybrid

DYNAMIS LIX batteries = hHgh capacity Lithium cell + Supercap

The new DYNAMIS battery product line, LIX, is especially optimized for pulse applications and contains a high capacity Lithium battery and a Supercap.
The product combines the high-capacity advantage of both technologies:
A superior capacity and
 exceptional pulse reliability.

With a value of 2 A max. the pulse capability is especially high.

The high charge current of the Supercap means the recharge is particularly efficient
and allows a
high pulse rate.

Lithium-Ion Standard Packs

DYNAMIS Lithium-Ion Standard Packs from UL-recognized cells with PCM and 150 mm wire

We assemble Li-Ion batteries from cells of well-known manufacturers and
UL-recognized components.
All batteries (in shrink tube) are equipped with PCM and 150mm wire

For easy implementation in your application, all batteries already comply
with UN section 38.3 transportation test.

The custom-built PCM ensures high safety during operation.

Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries by DYNAMIS

DYNAMIS Lithium Thionylchlorid Rubndzellen

The Long term power supply security for wireless applications.

The Lithium primary cells are available in large quantities for electronic applications requiring long-term power supply with low energy loads or no current requirement
Here are a lot of arguments for this many-sided batteries.
We design and produce customized compositions of this product range.

DYNAMIS LM 9V Block with a proved capacity

Accumulators comprising of DYNAMIS LFY-Cells for storage of renewable energy

The DYNAMIS Lithium Manganese 9V-Block provides a high nominal capacity of
typically 1300 mAh and has increasingly become the battery of choice for film and
TV production crews
Lithium 9V usually run 5 times longer than the Alkaline versions in most situ-
ations. This is because of the flat voltage profile of the Lithium chemistry.
Further ideal areas of application are Medical Devices, Alarm Systems and Security Equipment, as well as Smoke Detectors, Meters and Gas Emission Alarm Devices. In addition to that we supply to many kinds of Measuring Devices, Control Systems, Audio and Industrial applications.
Available ex stock. 

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